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Two-photon absorption in biological molecules

2015-20192016Book Chapter
M. Alaraby Salem, M. Gedik, and A. Brown
in Handbook of Computational Chemistry, ed. J. Leszczynski, pp.1-19 .
Publication year: 2016

The Dynamics of Quantum Computing in Molecules

2010-20142014Book Chapter
A. Brown and R.R. Zaari
in Molecular Quantum Dynamics: From Theory to Applications (Physical Chemistry in Action), edited by F. Gatti (Springer, Berlin, 2014), pp. 249-270.
Publication year: 2014

Driven molecular dynamics for normal modes of biomolecules without the Hessian

2005-20092006Book Chapter
M. Kaledin, A.L. Kaledin, A. Brown, and J.M. Bowman*
in Normal Mode Analysis: Theory and Applications to Biological and Chemical Systems, edited by Q. Cui and I. Bahar, (CRC Press, 2006), pp. 281-300.
Publication year: 2006

Collision-induced absorption in dipolar molecule-homonuclear diatomic pairs

2000-20042003Book Chapter
A.Brown and R.H. Tipping
in Weakly Interacting Molecular Pairs: Unconventional Absorbers of Radiation in the Atmosphere, edited by C. Camy-Peret and A.A. Vigasin (Kluwer, Dordrecht, 2003), 93-97.
Publication year: 2003