S. M. I. Al-Rafia, M. R. Momeni, R. McDonald, M. J. Ferguson, A. Brown* and E. Rivard*
Organometallics 32 6658-6665
Publication year: 2013

The elusive parent inorganic ethylene H2GeGeH2 has been isolated in the form of a stable complex for the first time via donor–acceptor coordination with suitable Lewis base/acid combinations (LB·H2Ge-GeH2·LA; LB = N-heterocyclic carbene or N-heterocyclic olefin; LA = W(CO)5). The nature of the bonding in these species was investigated by density functional theory calculations and revealed the presence of polarized Ge–Ge covalent σ-bonds within the H2Ge–GeH2 arrays and dative Ge–C interactions between the digermene and the carbon-based Lewis bases.

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