N.J. King, I. LeBlanc, and A. Brown
J. Comp. Chem, accepted
Publication year: 2024

Conformational ensemble generation and the search for the global minimum conformation are important problems in computational chemistry. In this work, a variant on the conformer-rotamer ensemble sampling tool (CREST) iterative metadynamics (iMTD) algorithm designed for determining structural ensembles and energetics of noncovalent clusters of flexible molecules is presented. We term this new algorithm a low-energy diversity-enhanced variant on CREST, or LEDE-CREST. As with CREST, the energies are evaluated using the semiempirical GFN2-xTB extended tight binding approach. The utility of the algorithm is highlighted by generating ensembles for a variety of noncovalent clusters of flexible or rigid monomers using both CREST and LEDE-CREST.