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Welcome to the temporary home page for the Canadian Association of Theoretical Chemists/Association Canadienne Des Chimistes Theoriciens. The organization consists of faculty members and members of national labs whose primary research interests are in theoretical and/or computational chemistry. The purposes of the organization are (1) to organize the Canadian Symposium on Theoretical and Computational Chemistry (CSTCC); (2) to further the development of theoretical and computational chemistry in Canada ; and (3) to engage in matters relating to theoretical and computational chemistry as deemed appropriate by the board of directors.

The current board of directors is Gilles Peslherbe (President, Concordia University), Alex Brown (Secretary/Treasurer, University of Alberta), Stella Constas (Western University), Erin Johnson (Dalhousie University), Mariusz Klobukowski (University of Alberta), and Mark Thachuk (UBC).

Inquiries can be addressed to